It is my pleasure to welcome you to the Phillips ADR website, home of my new ADR practice Phillips ADR Enterprises (PADRE).  Through this website you will be able to gather information about the practice, meet our team, view our space, and contact us with any questions you might have.

Hon. Layn R. Phillips

My goal with PADRE is to focus all of my time and resources, along with the resources of our highly qualified PADRE team, on the resolution of complex litigation matters.  Our mission statement is simple: a relentless approach to resolution.

Those who have worked with me over the last two decades know that I believe in evaluative, merits-based and interest-based mediation.  My longstanding traditions of remaining fiercely neutral, providing reality checks where needed, exhibiting great preparedness and engaging in diligent and comprehensive follow-up at every settlement window, will not only continue, but will also be enhanced by a team of professionals devoted to increasing the likelihood your matter will achieve resolution in the most expeditious manner possible.

PADRE looks forward to working with you and letting you experience our relentless and resilient approach to resolution.

Layn R. Phillips
Former U.S. District Judge

Posted by Phillips ADR Team